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BTSC Podcast the Standard is the Standard Pre-Draft Show tonight at 9PM ET

BTSC's premiere podcast show returns tonight at 9PM to talk Steelers football and the NFL draft!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are only days away from the 2016 NFL Draft and we are here with the official preview show from the Standard is the Standard.

We will cover what the Pittsburgh Steelers have done in free agency, which positions they still need to address, which ones they should not, and the top players that will most likely be available for their picks in the later parts of roudns throughout this upcoming weekend.

We will also be covering recent NFL news including the reinstatement of Tom Brady's four game suspension, the free agency scenario of cornerback Josh Norman, and why you should always expect a specific mode of consistency from Steelers' general manager, Kevin Colbert.

Call in to join the show at 347-850-8581 and voice your opinion on the various topics! You can call in to listen live on your phone, or listen live on your computer by clicking the link to our show here.