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BTSC Podcast: The Black and Gold Blitz airs tonight at 10PM ET

We kickoff a new BTSC show tonight! Listen live at 10PM ET!

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BTSC is bringing you a new podcast series tonight at 10:00PM ET! You can listen live by clicking here, or call in to listen at 347-850-8581.

The Black and Gold Blitz is hosted by's Jeff Hartman and Christopher Carter, the regular hosts of The Standard is the Standard. Black and Gold Blitz is an all encompassing show of Pittsburgh sports which discusses the Penguins, Pirates and of course our Steelers.

We will cover the big game 3 win of the Penguins over the Capitals as well as the impact of the suspension of the Capitals' defenseman, Brooks Orpik and the one game suspension of Penguins defenseman Kris Letang.

The Pittsburgh Steelers changed their tune of focus for the early rounds in this year's NFL Draft when they selected two defensive backs with their first two picks. We discuss them and all 7 picks, as well as news on the decision not to sign Jarvis Jones to a fifth year extension.

The Pittsburgh Pirates are off to a hot start after this April but still trail in the NL Central, we talk about what they need to do in order to take flight in May.

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Listen live to the show by clicking here, or call 347-850-8581.