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BTSC Podcast 9:30PM ET: Black and Gold Blitz talks Stanley Cup finals, Steelers OTA's and more

The Black and Gold Blitz is live tonight at 9:30PM ET.

Don Wright-USA TODAY Sports

The Black and Gold Blitz is on tonight at 9:30PM ET and features our regular hosts Christopher Carter and Jeff Hartman from as all of Pittsburgh is excited over the success of the Pittsburgh Penguins. You can listen to the show by calling 346-850-8581 or clicking here.

We'll talk about what the Penguins have been doing right for them to go up 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final and what they need to keep doing in order to win the franchise's fourth cup.

Jeff and Christopher will also go over why the accusations from San Jose Shark's Logan Couture that Sidney Crosby is a cheater are ridiculous and how they help the Penguins in this series.

We also talk Pirates baseball, the recent drop in production, the continued success of Gregory Polanco and whether it's time yet for Jameson Taillon to be called up.

We wrap up with updates on our Pittsburgh Steelers and news from OTA's as the team goes through their offseason schedule to prepare for 2016.

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