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2016 Steelers Roster, 90 in 90 Days: Donald Washington in the midst of a fight for last CB spot

In a new feature at BTSC, we are breaking down the Steelers 90-man roster one player, one position, one day at a time. The conclusion of this feature will be the start of the 2016 season.

Player: Donald Washington

Position: CB

School: Ohio State

Overview: Donald Washington is journeymen defensive back coming off a stint in the CFL. This makes him unlike some of the other undrafted and tryout players battling for a roster or practice squad spot. He has experience playing professional football.

A plus for him is the versatility he’s been able to demonstrate during his career. Playing both safety, corner, and on special teams means he can contribute in a number of roles. Also, he’s had to learn a number of different playbooks and schemes from multiple positions. This should allow him to get up to speed with what the Steelers are doing on defense fairly quickly.

Since his time at Ohio State Washington has been known as an incredible athlete with incredible upside that has never really materialized. It will be interesting to see if he’s been able to refine his craft as he’s gained experience, and if that will be enough to earn him a roster spot in 2016.

Versatile player
Can contribute on special teams
Continues to display great speed and quickness

Has not made NFL roster in 5 years
Rarely creates turnovers
Has always relied on athleticism has never refined his technique

Chances of Making the team: 40%