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Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell has a lot of recanting to do

After learning that his four-game suspension had been reduced to three games, Le’Veon Bell posted a video to Twitter on Friday during which he accidentally admitted to smoking pot in December of 2014. However, after deleting that video, Le’Veon posted another one, and then another in a futile attempt to explain himself properly.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers-Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As you already know, Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell saw his suspension for missing several drug tests become official on Friday, but not before the NFL reduced it from four games to three upon appeal.

This led to Bell taking to Twitter to post an apologetic video:

Le’Veon Bell


“This is Le’Veon Bell, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I, obviously, want to clear some things up. First and foremost, I want to apologize to Steeler Nation for everything I’ve put you guys through the last couple of years. It’s been a frustrating run for you, it’s been a frustrating run for me, and I’m genuinely sorry for not being on the field and being available for you guys and helping the Steelers win ring No. 7. I’m not the perfect person, I’m not going to sit here and act like the perfect person. I’ve made mistakes, but I want you to understand I’ve never purposely missed any drug tests. I never failed any drug tests. I haven’t smoked since December 2014. I want you guys to understand that all the drug tests are random. I got surgery in November of last year. They tried to test me in December and January, and I missed those tests. I couldn’t go to the facility to get tested, they couldn’t come to me and get tested, and I missed those tests and that’s on me. I put all the blame on myself. In April, they tried to test me on a Saturday morning at 5:37 a.m. I ended up missing the test; I was sleeping, and that’s on me. I can’t sit here and blame anybody else for missing my tests, but I just wanted everybody to understand, I never purposely tried to avoid or evade any drug test. I don’t have any problems. After this whole situation is done, you will get a better person and a better player out of this, and it’s still Steeler Nation.”

Bell quickly deleted the video, but beings that he alluded to smoking pot in December of 2014, this prompted NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to issue this Tweet:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell


“Mr. Bell, it has come to this office’s attention that you posted a video implicating a Mr. Le’Veon Bell in the crime of possessing and smoking marijuana some time during or around December of 2014. This is a matter I take very seriously, and I look forward to discussing these allegations with you. “


I’ll even come to your home.”

This prompted Le’Veon to post another video on Twitter:

Le’Veon Bell


“Hi, Le’Veon Bell here. Mr. Commissioner, I would be more than happy to invite you to my home to talk about those aforementioned allegations, but my house is currently being painted, and I don’t want you to get nauseous from the fumes. But there’s nothing to worry about, as those accusations in the aforementioned video which may or may not have been recorded are completely false. Besides, there’s no way I would knowingly have smoked marijuana, not after having dinner with representatives of BALCO on the night in question in December of 2014 and learning how it could interfere with my system.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell


You had what with who now?

After quickly deleting the second video, Bell took to Twitter to post another one explaining himself more clearly:

Le’Veon Bell


“Hi, it’s me, LeV again. I just wanted to clear up a misunderstanding from a video I posted earlier. When I said I was having dinner with representatives from BALCO on the night in question in December of 2014, which was originally misunderstood as the last time I smoked pot, what I meant to say was that I was at the Steelers’ headquarters that night doodling and working on lyrics for my future rap song Focus [holds up doodles and lyrics which appear to be written on head coach Mike Tomlin’s official stationery]. Anyway, as I said earlier, let’s win No. 7 and stuff.”

After this video surfaced, Bell soon heard from a couple of his bosses on social media:

General Manager Kevin Colbert


“Le’Veon, as I said in my official statement following the announcement of your suspension, I am very disappointed in you. But not just for your missed drug tests, which, as you indicated, were a lot. It has also come to my attention that you were at team facilities after hours some time during December of 2014. As I’m sure you are aware, Le’Veon, this is against company policy, and I look forward to discussing this matter with you in the near-future.”

Head coach Mike Tomlin


“Yeah, and I don’t like anyone touching my stationery.”

Obviously, this led to Bell posting yet another video on Twitter:

Le’Veon Bell


“Hey, No. 26 again. There may be rumors floating around that I was at the Steelers’ headquarters on the night in question in December of 2014, doodling and writing lyrics on Coach Tomlin’s official stationery. As you may know, this was also the night that people accused me of smoking pot and eating dinner with members of BALCO. However, I just wanted to let you all out there in Steeler Country know that, on the night in question, I stayed in after renting Green Lantern at a nearby Redbox [holds up copy of Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds]. I’m not perfect in any sense, but I’m still dedicated to being the best running back in the NFL.”

Upon posting this video, Bell heard from a teammate:

Defensive end Cameron Heyward


“Hey, Le’Veon, Cam here. It has come to my attention that you rented and watched the movie Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds some time in December of 2014. As I’m sure you’re painfully aware by now, Le’Veon, Green Lantern was one of the worst movies in recent memory. As one of the leaders on this team, I cannot sit back and allow you to embarrass the organization so openly and disgustingly. You will be hearing from me at the next Kangaroo Court, where we will discuss fines and, perhaps, banishment to commercial flights during road trips.”

Le’Veon also heard from someone in the corporate sector:

Redbox representative


“Mr. Bell, I understand you rented the movie Green Lantern from a Pittsburgh area Redbox kiosk in December of 2014. We have been missing that DVD for quite a while and could never locate its whereabouts until watching your video. One of our Redbox representatives will be in-touch with you shortly to discuss the many late fees you’ve accrued over the past 20 months.”

Bell naturally deleted that video and posted a fifth:

Le’Veon Bell


“L Bell here. Yeah, so you may have heard some lies that I rented Green Lantern from a local Redbox back in December of 2014. Let me be the first to say I would never do anything to hurt my teammates, the Steelers organization or the fans. On that particular night in question, in-which I was also accused of smoking pot, having dinner with people from BALCO and doodling on Coach Tomlin’s official stationery at the Steelers’ headquarters, I was actually out having dinner with my then girlfriend at an AppleBee’s in Scott Twp. I look forward to moving on from this and helping the Steelers become a championship football team in 2016.”

This latest video prompted a couple of angry women to contact Bell on Twitter:

AppleBee’s server


Le’Veon Bell, I remember the night I waited on you and your lady friend. Not only did you stiff me on the tip, but you wrote something rude on my copy of the check [links picture of check Bell reportedly doodled on on the night in question from December of 2014]: ‘Here’s a tip, get a real job. LOL! #26 #2,215 #Focus #$15mil!’”

Le’Veon’s current girlfriend of two years


You said you broke up with that **tch three years ago! We need to talk!”

As you may have guessed, Bell promptly deleted that video and posted another one:

“Hey gang, watch this video of cute puppies! Go Steelers!