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Steelers OC Todd Haley present at Notre Dame Pro Day

The Pittsburgh Steelers coaching staff continues to do their diligence on the recruiting trail. The latest stop? South Bend for Notre Dame’s Pro Day.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to the lofty standards of Notre Dame University football, their 2016 season was awful. Forget about wins and losses, the team just didn’t compete well, and there weren’t many who flashed signs of future NFL capabilities during their season.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t some, and that is why there was a strong presence at Notre Dame’s Pro Day Thursday.

In fact, the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley was present for the workouts.

So, who would Haley be keeping a close eye on during the Pro Day? Quarterback DeShone Kizer would certainly be on the short list of offensive players to watch.

The big armed quarterback has some tremendous attributes which could be seen as an eventual NFL quarterback, but also issues with judgement and fundamentals which make you wonder just which round he will be selected.

Could the Steelers take a run at Kizer? Absolutely, but it would have to be in the right round. Nonetheless, if you don’t know much about him as a prospect, check out his NFL Draft Profile strengths and weaknesses below:


Big quarterback with a big arm. Can make all of the throws. Has step and crank power to drive throws into the seams. Has the arm talent and willingness to challenge safeties on both intermediate and deep throws. Looks the part with thick frame to withstand NFL punishment. Over the top delivery creates tight spirals. Has powerful grip allowing for aggressive pump fakes to move defense around. When he's comfortable, will tie feet with his eyes as he scans the field. Adequate drive accuracy. If he feels a completion is imminent, he'll stand in and take a punishing shot. Strong, authoritative runner with the speed to hit a big play with his feet. Two-way threat in the red zone. Posted 18 rushing touchdowns over last two seasons.


Gets stuck on primary read missing out on early openers around field. May not have eyes or compact release to spot and hit flashing targets. Can be too reliant upon arm strength over mechanics. Wants open throwing window rather than operating with early anticipation. Can improve in leading receivers and throwing stationary targets open. Too hesitant. Gets caught in pump fake vortex at times. Quick to drop his eyes and halt progressions when pocket warms up. Inconsistent decision-maker. Showed dreadful lapses in judgement that lead to interceptions. Too willing to make off-balanced heaves. Benched against Stanford. Had at least one interception in 15 of his 23 starts. Will take a sack despite having ample time to read and throw.