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Steelers continue NFL Scouting Combine meetings with group of pass catchers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are attempting to find out as much as they can about NFL prospects at the Scouting Combine. Recently, they went through a list of pass catchers.

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Kansas State vs Texas A&M Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The tight end position certainly could be considered a need for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the 2017 NFL Draft approaches, and many believe wide receiver should be considered just as big a need as tight end.

While the Steelers are going through the motions with a plethora of interviews at the NFL Scouting Combine, they have recently been linked to four pass catchers as a part of the interviewing process of the combine.

It should be noted the team has certainly met with a ton of prospects who are not released, or known, but there are times when prospects admit to which teams they’ve had a meeting with, and some even talk about how it went.

Take a look at the most recent reported meetings from the combine. To help fans who don’t know much about these prospects get a better feel for who the team is meeting with, you can see their strengths and weaknesses from their Draft Profile below the news tweet.

Josh Reynolds - WR - Texas A&M


Very long, angular frame. Outstanding high school triple jumper and high jumper will dominate combine explosion drills. Vertical threat who can open his hips and out-stride a cornerback down the field. As good as it gets as a ball tracker with a center fielder's ability to judge trajectory and distance. Stacks cornerbacks on his hip and keeps them there. Has access to a second gear when the ball is in the air. Routes feature little wasted motion. Possesses superior ball skills. Plus hand-eye coordination and holds his ground in contested catches. Can climbs way up the ladder and use his length to turn 50/50 balls into 80/20 his way. Consistent red-zone threat. Wins up-and-over, with back shoulder fades and with inside release to slant. Thin but ultra-competitive and extremely tough. Will work the middle and does not fear incoming traffic. Gets after his blocks on the perimeter and meets aggression with aggression as blocker.


Has a thin frame with skinny legs. Body is unlikely to carry much more weight. Can be temporarily grounded in press coverage. Lack of play strength makes fighting past disruptive jams a challenge. Needs to improve initial footwork and vary his releases. Just average underneath. Long-strider with limitations in short-area quickness. Nothing special in hitch-and-run or wide receiver screens. Has some trouble dropping down and digging out the low throw.

Mike Roberts - TE - Toledo


When he catches the ball, it matters. Has had over 80 percent of his career catches go for first downs and this season saw 35.5 percent of his catches go for touchdowns (16). Big target with gigantic hands. Quick to open and find the ball on stop routes. Plus body control to adjust and clamp down on throws outside his frame. Will continue to probe and adjust for openings against zone coverage. Very capable run blocker. Operates from strong base and utilizes lengths well. Sinks hips to brace up and neutralize defensive ends with leverage and uses hips and shoulder turn to steer out of the play. Has experience blocking from in-line and from wing spot.


Comes out of a knock-kneed stance from line of scrimmage. Upright short strider into routes. Gradual gear down into his breaks. Tight at the top of his route. Rolls through his cuts to create momentum for his separation. Angles up to linebackers as blocker will need work. Overshoots targets and allows them to make plays underneath his block. Needs blocks to be right in front of him. Too many misses in space.

Evan Engram - TE - Ole Miss


Good explosion over the first 5 yards of his route. Plus athletic ability with easy-opening hips. Nimble feet with quick, controlled strides into and out of his breaks. Accelerates out of his breaks to uncover from defenders for quarterback. Will have to be guarded by defensive backs. Opens quickly to find the ball. Successful working all three levels at Ole Miss. Has true vertical speed to attack the seams. Competitive, athletic runner after the catch. Springy leaper. Jumped out of the gym to snare a touchdown over the head of a Georgia defender. Able to pluck balls low, high, and behind him.


Needs to learn when and where to sit down in the middle of the field. Must learn to do a better job of working back to the ball. Doesn't post up defenders effectively. Allows defender to work through him and disrupt the catch. Has had issues with drops and contested catches could be an issue. Allows throws to beat him up at times. Needs to do better job of selling a two-way go to the top of his routes rather than giving route direction away. Move tight end only who lacks dependability as a blocker.

Gerald Everett - TE - South Alabama


Slick athlete with leftover wide receiver traits. Easy acceleration into routes and can blow by safeties who sit down looking for a route break for too long. Good acceleration off of plant foot in route breaks. Can create immediate separation. Carries play speed throughout routes. Cover linebackers are usually in for a rough day vs. Everett, who eats in the middle of the field and shows no fear. Maximizes arm length for wide catch radius. Hands look fairly natural as pass catcher. Adds to totals with yards after catch. Runs physically and with excellent balance. Rips his legs through arm-tackle attempts. Instinctive runner who sets up blocks on bubble screens. Alters stride length to elude diving tackle attempts. Able to work all three levels of the field. Blocks with anger and is prone to longer engagements than most blockers on perimeter. Put on a show, including game-winning touchdown, in upset of Mississippi State on the road.


Route running doesn't appear to be high on his priority list. Routes are rounded, dull and lack urgency. Leans into most of his breaks. Talented cover safeties can jump his routes. Drifts on square-ins, allowing deep safeties a door into the play. Needs work on double moves. Could have issues playing through route redirection off line of scrimmage. Shows deceleration when locating ball on deep throws. Hands are small. Too many one-handed stab attempts on throws outside his frame limit ability to make the "wow" catches. Touchdown production lower than expected.