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Steelers NFL Draft Scenario 3.0: Pittsburgh trades out of the first round

In the latest NFL Draft scenario, the Pittsburgh Steelers trade out of the first round to gain more Day 2 draft picks.

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The future is now for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and with the 2017 NFL Draft just over a week away it is time we go through specific scenarios and discuss just what could go right, and wrong, with the Steelers in the first round of the draft.

We will be doing almost one scenario a day leading up to the draft, which will always provide a different result, as well as the explanation behind the selection.

Time for the Steelers 2017 NFL Draft scenario 3.0.

Scenario: With the Steelers selecting 30th in Round 1, they won’t have their choice of prospects, but rather the best of what’s left at specific positions of need. We all know those positions. Outside linebacker, cornerback, safety, and on and on.

In this scenario, the main prospects originally targeted to possibly be available when the Steelers select are off the board. The team is then faced with reaching for a genuine day two prospect in round one, until the phone rings with teams looking to jump back into the first round.

Steelers Pick: In this scenario the team doesn’t have a pick in the first round after trading their 30th pick to another franchise who is either trying to gain a first round pick, New England Patriots, or someone with several draft picks to use and the idea to get back into the first round for a specific prospect who they feel can change their team, Cleveland Browns.

Analysis: If the Steelers were to trade back in the draft, I doubt many would be upset. In fact, it could actually work in their favor. If they were to trade their round one pick for a round two and round three pick, it would give them a total of 5 picks on Day 2 of the selection process.

In all reality, if the team were to agree with trading out of the first round for an early second round pick, most would see plenty of value with that scenario as well, considering a 2nd and 3rd is a steep price for a 30th overall pick. There are plenty of talented players to be had in the early portion of the second round, and it would give the team four total picks on Day 2 of the draft.

In 2016, Kevin Colbert admitted after the draft they had fielded calls about trading out of the first round, but never found a suitable deal on both sides from several teams. A lot has to take place for a team to trade up or down in the draft, and is why first round trades aren’t very likely, especially for the Steelers. Nonetheless, picking 30th certainly lends itself to a more realistic opportunity if the team doesn’t feel good about the prospects available when their number is called.

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