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2017 NFL Draft: Ranking the 5 most likely QB prospects for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Quarterback is still a burning topic of discussion, but what are the odds the Steelers actually take a quarterback in the draft, and which QB is most likely to be the team’s pick.

The 2017 NFL Draft is right around the corner, and fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers are still wondering if their favorite team will be selecting a quarterback sometime during the 7-round process.

There are players who have been brought in for visits, and others who have had meetings at the NFL Scouting Combine or at All-Star games, but not all of these signal callers are actually going to make it to the Steelers at 30 in Round 1, nor would the team necessarily select them, as they have more pressing needs at other positions.

So, with that said, who are the five quarterback prospects who actually have a shot at being selected by the Steelers? Our BTSC NFL Draft team put our heads together, and came up with a list from least likely (5) to most likely (1).

5. Patrick Mahomes

4. Nate Peterman

3. DeShone Kizer

2. Josh Dobbs

1. Brad Kaaya

In our opinion, Kaaya, the University of Miami product, has the best chance of going to the Steelers, but most likely not until Round 3. As the offseason continues to drag on, it becomes more and more clear the Steelers won’t be targeting a quarterback in the early rounds. Maybe it is trust in Ben Roethlisberger playing a few more seasons, or maybe they aren’t all that impressed with the crop of quarterbacks in the class, but whatever the reasons, it seems as if the only way they target a signal caller is in the mid-to-late rounds in the annual selection process.


The Steelers could surprise us all by taking an early quarterback, and that is the beautiful part of the NFL Draft process. You never know.

I talk about this, and more, in the above podcast. Give it a listen!

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