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Random Thoughts From a Black-and-gold Mind: 99.5% politics-free edition

BTSC's motor-minded madman shares his Steelers thoughts with you, his only friend.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Last week was an extremely difficult week to be an NFL fan. I've realized that my nearly 40-year love affair with the league and the Steelers is much like my my reason for loving television and movies. For me, it's basically an escape from reality and a place for me to revel in and feel like part of their village. But with this being stark reality for the players, plus the fact that they’re more than just entertainers, my fantasy land felt all too real. But for better or worse, I'm married to it. That's my prerogative and I'm glad that I live in a nation that has afforded me the freedom to choose. But I recognize the imperfections as well. As always, my black-and-gold brain has hydroplaned out of control. But I don't know the answers. I won't pretend to. I do know that the spirit of this particular column is to reference the Steelers and attempt to entertain with references of bizarre pop culture, song lyrics and past and present Steelers. I'm going to do my best to stay away from the recent national controversy in this space at this particular juncture.

And as always, I pass the ravings on to you.

But first, I must lay an egg of “excuse me” and hatch it to those I offended in last week's offering. So a a sunny-side of sorries for the shells of shame that I left in the omelette last week.

  • The depleted electrolytes of Forrest Gump
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Nipsey Russell
  • The picture-shaming of Brian Urlacher
  • Howard Cosell's toupee
  • Mentioning Hingle McCringleberry without referencing Penn State as his alma mater
  • Stomping on the possible dreams of Bud Dupree's impossible adult cinema career

And now be your own orthodontist and brace yourself for another edition of Random Thoughts From a Black-and-gold Mind:

  • James Harrison's Instagram post showing him sitting on his helmet in practice and commenting that he’s "getting practicing what I do in games" might have been followed by the hysterical-laughing emoji but, deep down, Deebo does not seem amused. He’s still toeing the company line and isn’t complaining, but that post says it all. Seeing a mere seven snaps in three games probably foreshadows the climax to his great career in Pittsburgh. It's kind of like season-5 of Threes Company where the show's producers limited Suzanne Summers to a phone call cameo while searching for her replacement. Only No. 92 isn't in a dispute with management.
  • The run defense gets a boost this week with the expected return of Stephon Tuitt and T.J. Watt, but they still need help on the outside runs from the backers and secondary. Coverage has vastly improved, but tackling is abysmal. I keep looking for Paula Abdul and MC Scat Cat on the Steelers roster. One step forward, two steps back.
  • ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. came out and admitted that he erred in criticizing the selection of T.J. Watt. He's the only guy with goofy hair to admit he wasn't right about NFL players this week. Mel ranked Watt as his No. 2 rookie overall. That's flattering to Watt, but Kiper didn't really need to say that he's wrong. That's like a peanut butter cup ice cream admitting that it’s yummy.
  • The Ravens without Marshall Yanda are at a severe disadvantage. The 44-7 loss to Jacksonville showed just how important No. 73 is to that team. Replace a state cop with a mall safety officer at a riot and see what happens. That's life in B-More without Yanda.
  • Alejandro Villanueva's jersey sales increased dramatically after Sunday's pregame. I think it’s great that Villanueva is garnering recognition. He deserves it for so many reasons. Now with the news that No. 78 is donating all proceeds from his apparel sales to the USO and other military non-profits, I honestly hope he sells a bunch. But I was proud to be the only person I've ever seen to own a "Big Al" jersey. It's kind of like when I was the only one at college wearing a Nirvana t-shirt in 1991. Nine months later, everybody had a distorted black-and-gold smiley face emblazoned on their chest. At least the proceeds this time around are going to a worthy cause and not for some smack and a hotel room with Courtney Love. Never mind.
  • Move over Captain Kangaroo, Captain Underpants and Darryl Dragon of Captain and Tennille. There's a new captain in town . . . Tyler Matakevich. "Dirty Red" has officially earned the Special Teams "C", even though the Steelers don't sew it on their uniforms. No. 44 is becoming a force on the unit and he might garner some Pro Bowl votes in December.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images
  • Ben Roethlisberger commented that he may be relying on Antonio Brown too much. That's like saying that the producers and camera operators on Baywatch relied on hot girls running in swimsuits too much. When you have talent that you can rely on, you use it. But we can all benefit by putting some focus on the deceptively-stunning nerd chick in a blouse every once in a while. They can surprise you. Wait — are we still talking about football?

And finally,

  • I wonder what Kenny Davidson is doing these days.

Until next time, I think the lyrics of Carry On by the band .Fun greatly sum up my feelings about football in recent weeks:

Though I've never been through hell like that

I've closed enough windows to know you can never look back

So I met up with some friends at the edge of the night

At a bar off 75

And we talked and talked about how our parents will die

All our neighbours and wives

But I like to think I can cheat it all

To make up for the times I've been cheated on

And it's nice to know when I was left for dead

I was found and now I don't roam these streets

I am not the ghost you are to me

If you're lost and alone

Or you're sinking like a stone

Carry on

May your past be the sound

Of your feet upon the ground

Carry on

Take that for what it’s worth and Go Steelers.