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Steelers President Art Rooney II pens letter to fan base regarding National Anthem saga

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As the team tries to put out the fire after Week 3, the Steelers team president has weighed on on the events which took place.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at San Diego Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The fire which started before the team even kicked off on Sunday in Week 3 vs. the Chicago Bears has gotten out of control for the Pittsburgh Steelers. How out of control did it get? Instead of the usual Monday locker room media session, the team held separate press conferences. One by team captains Ben Roethlisberger and Cameron Heyward, and another solo conference with tackle Alejandro Villanueva.

Even after announcing the team will be on the sideline for the National Anthem in Week 4, the flames still linger among fans of the black-and-gold.

With that said, and felt, team president Art Rooney II penned a letter to the fan base, via the team’s official website

Strong words from a very powerful man, and it was reported Rooney was in the team meeting Monday with the team before Roethlisberger and Heyward took the podium, and wanted the team to take the field as usual.

There has been plenty of talk regarding possible distractions caused by the pre-game decisions, and although no one will ever know if it truly did make an impact, the team certainly didn’t look the same.