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With a win vs. the Bengals, the Steelers would do something they haven’t done since 2008

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With a win Sunday, the Steelers could achieve something within the AFC North they haven’t done since the 2008 season.

Atlanta Falcons v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

While the AFC North might not be the bad boys they once were, the Pittsburgh Steelers are on the verge of doing something Sunday vs. the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 7 at Heinz Field they haven’t done since 2008.

With a win today, the Steelers would start the season 3-0 in division play. The last time this happened was in 2008, which was the second of back-to-back seasons where the team accomplished this feat.

Check out how they have started in division play under Mike Tomlin:

2007: 3-0
2008: 3-0
2009: 1-2
2010: 2-1
2011: 1-2
2012: 1-2
2013: 2-1
2014: 1-2
2015: 1-2
2016: 2-1

The Steelers have played the division well the past few years, but experiencing an early sweep would be huge for a lot of reasons. A win Sunday over the Bengals doesn’t just give them an early 3-0 record within the AFC North, but would also distance themselves from the rest of the teams who consider the AFC North home.

On top of that, the Steelers would be considered the top team in the AFC after the Chiefs lost to the Raiders on Thursday night.

All with a win on Sunday.

Yeah, to say this game is a big game might be the understatement of the season, so far. Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest on this game, and more!