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Classy move by the Steelers for giving the game ball to Joe Haden after Week 1 win

After his first win in black and gold, CB Joe Haden was given the game ball by the coaching staff.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

You stay classy Steelers, and that isn’t sarcasm.

The Pittsburgh Steelers decided after their 21-18 win over the Cleveland Browns in Week 1 to give the game ball to none other than former Browns cornerback Joe Haden.

Haden has to love the feeling of winning, considering he hadn’t done much of that when he was on the other side of this AFC North rivalry. In fact, Haden, throughout his entire NFL career, had never won an opening day game.

Think about that for a second.

Haden’s debut with the Steelers might not have include a huge splash play, but it doesn’t mean the veteran cornerback didn’t make plays. Haden ended the day with six tackle (for solo), one sack, one pass defense and a lone quarterback hit.

Not too bad for a guy most considered washed up.

While the gesture by the Steelers was all class, Haden would likely tell you he, and the rest of the Steelers defense, have a lot to clean up before their Week 2 game against the Minnesota Vikings at Heinz Field. Until then, soak it up Mr. Haden. Enjoy the win, and realize there is a strong chance there are many more to come the rest of the way.