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Antonio Brown predicts T.J. Watt to be the next Steelers breakout star for 2017 and beyond

The Steelers have some really good young talent on their team, but when asked who will be the next great breakout Steelers player, Antonio Brown had an easy choice.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Predicting a player to breakout, or become a star, early in their career can be dangerous business. Sure, fans can talk among themselves about who is due for the next big push of their career, but stating so on national television is just a bit different.

This practice goes back a few years, when Ike Taylor and Antonio Brown were sparring, figuratively and literally, almost every training camp practice, and it was at that point Taylor went on the NFL Network and proclaimed he would take Antonio Brown over any other receiver in a one-on-one setting. His proclamation came at the beginning of Brown’s 4-year run which hasn’t been seen in the NFL before.

Fast forward to recent times, and Brown appeared on the Dave Dameshek show on the NFL Network, and Dameshek told Brown about what Taylor had said, and asked Brown to name who he thinks will be the next great Steelers breakout star.

Brown’s answer? T.J. Watt.

See what he had to say about his selection:

“You should definitely be on the lookout for T.J. Watt. Man, the guy is a stud, younger brother of J.J. Watt. I know those guys are so competitive with each other and T.J. is finally get in the NFL and compete with his brother on the same stage and knowing his brother J.J., a great caring brother, a loving brother, one of those dudes you wish was your brother. He probably shares everything with him, you know, how to release, how to work different guys, and with him getting that little cheat sheet from his brother and getting those details with already his natural ability, I think T.J. Watt is gonna be a young stud to come. Starting this week.”

High praise from the best wide receiver in the NFL, and Watt will get a chance to compete for the first time in a regular season game this Sunday when the Steelers play the Browns in Cleveland.

Although Watt has things to still work on, he is as advertised when it comes to how he was portrayed coming out of the draft. Extremely intelligent, athletic as they come, sideline-to-sideline player, yet still has to develop the ability to beat offensive tackles on a regular basis.

Good news for Steelers fans is how you can see an improvement in Watt’s game just throughout the preseason, and if that improvement continues, you very well could see Watt being the breakout star Brown predicted him to be.

To watch Brown’s full interview, click HERE.