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For a pair of Steelers veterans, Sunday night at Ford Field will be a homecoming

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For two current members of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday’s game at Ford Field vs. the Detroit Lions will be an enjoyable homecoming of sorts.

Super Bowl XL - Pittsburgh Steelers vs Seattle Seahawks Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images

The Detroit Lions are pulling out all the stops as they host Sunday Night Football in Week 8 when the Pittsburgh Steelers invade Ford Field. Per, the Lions’ franchise is requesting a “Blue Out” for the game, they’ll have drink and food specials and be welcoming back Barry Sanders, Billy Sims and Lem Barney as honorary captains for the franchise’s homecoming event.

Maybe the Lions should also have Charlie Batch back for the game, considering he was the last quarterback to beat Pittsburgh as a Lions quarterback.

It seems appropriate for the Lions to be hosting a homecoming, considering the Steelers will be having one of their own when James Harrison and Ben Roethlisberger walk onto the field where they won Super Bowl XL to give the franchise its fabled “one for the thumb”.

While Harrison and Roethlisberger are the only two current members of the Steelers who were on that Super Bowl XL team, fans always feel good looking back and remembering the band of road warriors who took us all on that tremendous journey back to prominence.

On that note, let’s take the next 20 minutes to remind ourselves of just how awesome that team was:

Feel free to talk about Super Bowl XL in the comment section below, as watching this video will certainly bring up some vivid memories of the game which brought Jerome Bettis back to his hometown.