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Knee Jerk Reactions from Steelers Week 8 win over the Lions

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With no time to rationally think, one BTSC writer offers up his immediate thoughts from the Steelers effort against Detroit.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

A knee jerk reaction is common for most people, especially sports fans. Of course, I like to shoot first and apologize later. In this series, I like to record my immediate emotional reaction. I have those often. I know you in Steeler Nation do too. After we have a chance to review things, we tend to alter our mindset. While watching the Steelers and the Lions, I recorded my initial thoughts in real time with no time to reconsider them. Take these in. As always, I welcome you to weigh in.

  • Maurkice Pouncey is so talented on the pull. The offensive line thrives with No. 53 in there.
  • Eli Rogers gets a chance, gets a wide open and drops the ball on the first drive. That's why he doesn't always get a hat on Sundays.
  • Steelers got away with one when Bud Dupree looked like he was offsides in the first quarter. The center maybe had three neurons twitch, but that's it. I'll take it though.
  • Ben Roethlisberger's extension of plays after getting hit has all but disipated.
  • The Steelers are letting the Lions grow their confidence in this game. Eli's drop looms even bigger at this point.
  • T.J. Watt has impressive leaping ability in pass defense.
  • Jamaal Agnew is dangerous on punt returns. The Steelers need to be careful punting to him. The rookie has two returns this season and he looked electric on the 11-yard return in the second quarter.
  • With a name like Martha Firestone Ford, the Lions owner is definitely motor vehicle royalty.
  • David DeCastro is a runblocking demon. He doesn't stop until the whistle blows.
  • Martavis Bryant's absence hurts the Steelers. Defenses are keying on Brown, thus neutralizing him.
  • I hate to admit that I got a huge chuckle out of the weight bench celebration after Lev Bell's TD celebration, but I still wonder how much time they spend on these displays and if there could possibly be a better use of their time.
  • Did Jesse James actually look fast on that 32 harder late in the second? He was motorin'.
  • I wonder if Bell was thinking about his next TD celebration when he fumbled.
  • Sean Davis played big time safety on the Fells strip.
  • Just saw a promo for Daddy's Home 2. Frankly, I'm questioning the need for the original Daddy's Home.
  • Red Zone woes. DHB see Eli Rogers above.
  • Alualu, Hargrave, Williams goal line defense was paramount late in the third. Ballsy call for Detroit. If it works, brilliant. But it may be a game coster.
  • Love me some JuJu. On October 23, 2011, Mike Wallace caught a 95 yard TD pass from Ben Roethlisberger. Six years and six days later, JuJu owns the team record with a 97-yardstick from Ben. It was a brilliant effort from JuJu and a great read and pass from Ben.
  • JuJu's bike locking celebration was humorous.
  • Vince Williams is a stud.
  • JuJu's drop was on him. Can't ever get too comfortable.
  • If Ziggy Ansah was in black and gold, he would have gotten flagged for a late hit on Big Ben late in the fourth. But Honolulu blue is ok.
  • The defense is
  • Joe Haden is just as able on the run defense as he is the pass.
  • Good eye ref on the Darius Slay hand hold of Eli Rogers.
  • Not a pretty night, but "Road Ben" stayed home and knew how to do enough to win.

As always, it is now time to rewatch highlights and pen my apologies. Thanks for indulging this jerk's patella ponderings.