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Lions defenders accuse the Steelers offensive line of dirty play in Week 8

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After the Steelers beat the Lions in Week 8, several of the Detroit defenders accused the Pittsburgh offensive line of dirty play.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes after a game which you feel you should have won, emotion can get the best of you. Then there are times when you feel opponents cross the line when it comes to questionable, or dirty, play.

For Detroit Lions offensive lineman A’Shawn Robinson, he believes the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line would fall into the latter of the aforementioned categories.

What does this all stem from? The scuffle which occurred at the end of the game when the Steelers were in the ‘victory’ formation, and the Lions came off the ball hard. The Steelers linemen didn’t appreciate it, and let the Lions defensive line know it.

See the video below:

According to MLive, when Robinson was asked if he thought the Steelers play were dirty, his response was, “I think it was.”

Robinson, who was ejected from the game, wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Robinson’s linemate Akeem Spence seemed to agree with the sentiment Pittsburgh’s line were a dirty bunch. “Guys had been taking shots at us all game," Spence said.

This from, regarding Jim Caldwell’s comments on the development at the end of the game:

For what it’s worth, head coach Jim Caldwell was not taking the bait. When asked if he saw anything dirty in the game film, Caldwell deferred judgement to the referees. “The officials are there to control the game,” Caldwell said. “They’ll make certain determinations. If they see something that’s illegal—they didn’t throw any flags. That’s what we go by, and the officials are seldom wrong.”

It seems as if the Steelers being labeled as “dirty” is almost a weekly occurrence lately, and there could either be some truth to these accusations, or it could be a team simply crying over spilled milk (aka - losing).

Either way, the Steelers record advances to 6-2 after the Week 8 win, and they will head into the bye week riding high knowing they didn’t just win on Sunday Night Football, but sit atop the division, and the conference.