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NFL Odds: Packers open as two-score underdogs vs. the Steelers in Week 12

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The Pittsburgh Steelers are heavy favorites vs. the Packers on Sunday Night Football in Week 12.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go again.

As the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for the Green Bay Packers in Week-12 action on Sunday Night Football, the paranoid Steelers faithful will become uneasy with the notion their team is a heavy Las Vegas favorite to win. How heavy a favorite are they? According to BookMaker, the Steelers are 13.5-point favorites in prime-time at Heinz Field this Sunday, but some Vegas Sport Books have Green Bay as 14-point underdogs.

If Steelers fans need something to calm their nerves, there are two factors which will help the Black-and-gold followers get some sleep at night.

First, the Steelers, and mainly Ben Roethlisberger, are playing in prime-time at home. This has been a recipe for success the past few seasons, and it was again just last week when the team beat the Titans 40-17 on Thursday Night Football. Secondly, the Steelers are playing a team with a .500 record. We all know the team’s record against teams with a sub-.500 record, but being at home against a 5-5 Green Bay team certainly will help silence this narrative, at least for another week.

If, and this is a big ‘if’, the Steelers can continue their success built in Week 11, there is no reason this team should lose to Brett Hundley and a banged up Packers group. Nonetheless, there are reasons why they play the game, and merely because the Steelers should win, doesn’t mean they will.

It should be worth noting that Green Bay is an underdog by 13 or more points for the first time since 2010. The only game since 1994 where the Packers were 13+ dogs was 12/19/10 at New England.

If anything has been learned throughout this 2017 regular season, it’s the fact that anything is possible.

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