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NFL Expert Picks: Experts predict the winner of Steelers vs. Packers Week 12

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Time to check in on the experts and who they like in the Week-12 Sunday Night Football game between the Steelers and Packers.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in the midst of a tremendous stretch of prime-time football games and, depending on how you feel about late starts, you’re either happy as a clam, or downright disgusted.

Nonetheless, when the Steelers host the Packers on Sunday Night Football, it will mark their third prime-time game of the past four contests, and they’re scheduled for three more before the end of the season.

It’s time to check in on those experts and see if they like Pittsburgh to hold serve at home, and advance their record to 9-2, or if they think the Packers can rise up and help improve their slim chances of competing in the NFC Playoff Picture.

For the folks at CBS Sports, they like Pittsburgh winning their sixth straight game, and it’s unanimous. It’s hard to believe, but the Steelers will play the majority of their remaining games in the friendly confines of Heinz Field, and all of the experts at CBS are leaning towards the Black-and-gold in this AFC North vs. NFC North affair.

A similar tune is being sung at ESPN, with all of their experts who have submitted their picks seeing the Steelers as predominant favorites in this Week-12 contest.

However, if there was a group of individuals who are certain to have at least one person go against the Steelers, it would be here at SB Nation. These haters typically never believe in Pittsburgh, but are surprisingly behind the Steelers in Week 12. In fact, none of their experts believes the Packers will rise up and beat the Steelers on Sunday night.

These are only three websites, and so many more produce weekly expert picks. What about those? This is where our friends at NFL Pick Watch come in to lend a helping hand. NFL Pick Watch is a website which takes all NFL expert picks and puts them into one easy-to-read chart. According to them, 100 percent of NFL experts like the Steelers to win the game at Heinz Field in Week 12.

The experts have spoken, and are in support of the Steelers, but only time will tell who will leave Thursday night victorious. If the Steeler’s 2017 regular season has shown us anything, it is you can never truly tell what to expect from this team.