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NFL Expert Picks: Experts weigh in on who will win Steelers vs. Texans in Week 16

The Pittsburgh Steelers head to Houston to play the Texans in Week 16, and NFL experts have weighed in on who they think will win.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 11-3, and the Houston Texans are 4-10. Quite the difference, and many believe the upcoming contest between these two AFC teams will be nothing more than a slam dunk in favor of the Steelers. However, something could be said to a difficult task for Pittsburgh to travel on a holiday, coming off one of the more devastating, and important, losses in recent memory when the team lost to the New England Patriots in Week 15.

Our prediction will come soon enough, but what about the NFL experts who produce weekly predictions for all NFL games every week? Who do they like in this upcoming AFC game?

Time to check in...

If you have been waiting for a week where the experts are in love with the Steelers, this certainly is your week. The three main websites we check on a weekly basis for our NFL Expert Picks article, all like the Steelers unanimously.

That’s right. The experts at ESPN, CBS Sports, and SB Nation all have the Steelers winning in Week 16, advancing their record to 12-3 and taking another step closer to claiming a first round bye in the AFC Playoffs.

However, these are only three websites who produce weekly picks. What about all the other websites who do the same? Our friends at NFL Pick Watch help us out with this every week, by compiling all expert picks and putting them into an easy-to-read graph.

According to NFL Pick Watch, 100-percent of experts are taking the Steelers in Week 16, so go ahead and be prepared to hear the “let-down game” talk leading up to the game on Monday afternoon.