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NFL Expert Picks Week 10: Who the experts like in Steelers vs. Colts

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts go head-to-head in Week 10, and it's time to see who the experts like in this AFC showdown.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts will go head-to-head in Week 10 of NFL regular-season action, and the two AFC teams have quite the history in recent years. In fact, the game on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium will be the fourth straight season these two teams have met, and the results have been extremely one-sided.

Nonetheless, history doesn’t always dictate the future and, despite the Steelers dominating the Colts in those past three matchups, we take a look at the experts who submit weekly picks and see who they like in this game kicking off Sunday at 1 p.m. ET.

Before going any further, I should mention if you're looking for an expert who likes the Colts, you might want to head for an article at Stampede Blue, SB Nation’s Colts website, because there aren’t many out there.

At ESPN, SB Nation and CBS, all experts who make weekly selections like the Steelers to beat the Colts in Week 10 and advance their record to 7-2. Not one expert thinks the Colts hold serve at home, but Pittsburgh fans know all too well about this type of prognostication, and it scares them to death. It was Week 3 when every expert picked the Steelers to beat the Bears, and we all remember how that game played out.

Nonetheless, these are only three websites who submit weekly picks. What about all the others? This is where our friends at NFL Pick Watch come in. This is a website which compiles all expert picks and puts them into an easy-to-read chart. According to NFL Pick Watch, 100-percent of the experts are donning black-and-gold for the week.

Las Vegas likes the Steelers and the experts are really on Pittsburgh’s side, but we all know only time will tell who will leave Week 10 victorious.