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Steelers vs. Jaguars Final Score: Knee jerk reactions from the Steelers Week 5 joke against Jacksonville

With no time to rationally think, one BTSC writer offers up his immediate thoughts from the Steelers horrendous showing against Jacksonville

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

A knee jerk reaction is common for most people, especially sports fans. Of course, I like to shoot first and apologize later. In this series, I like to record my immediate emotional reaction. After we have a chance to review things, we tend to alter our mindset. While watching the Steelers 30-9 disaster against the Jaguars at Heinz Field, I recorded my initial thoughts with no time to reconsider them.

Take these in.

As always, I welcome you to comment.

  • For the first time ever, I'm wondering if Ben is done. That was the most terrible performance I've seen from No. 7. Roethlisberger's five interceptions were pretty much all on him. If it wasn't for AB, he may have thrown more.
  • Antonio Brown and Ryan Shazier look like world beaters, but the rest of the team kind of looked listless against Jacksonville.
  • CBS showed a handful of celebratory Jaguar fans towards the end of the game. I find myself praying for their souls in the Heinz Field concourse.
  • Who is telling Mike Tomlin to throw the red flag? Both were ill-advised. He just started to figure out the time clock, now throwing challenge flags willy-nilly is a problem.
  • As discouraged as Steeler Nation is right now, remember how many times we threw in the Terrible Towel last year. Still eleven games to go. A win against KC, unlikely as it is at this point, could turn this thing right back.
  • The red zone...more like the blue zone.
  • Let me try it again. The red zone...more like the dead zone.
  • One more. The red zone...more like black hole. Seriously, three trips inside the opponent's 20 and you don't score. This could have been a completely different game if they score just once.
  • The Steelers miss Marcus Gilbert immensely. Chris Hubbard is a liability.
  • If David DeCastro doesn't get nailed for that holding call...ahh screw it.

As always, it is now time to rewatch highlights and pen my apologies. Thanks for indulging this jerk's patella ponderings.