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Steelers vs. Chiefs, Week 6: 7 Winners and 1 Loser after the Steelers’ huge win over the Chiefs

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-2 and it’s time to see who played well, and who left much to be desired.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

After each game there are players who impress and some who disappoint. This is where our weekly “Winners and Losers” column was born. Sometimes being labeled a loser is a bit harsh, but ultimately there are players every game who simply don’t measure up to “the standard”.

Time to diagnose who falls into which category for the Pittsburgh Steelers after the Week-6 game against the Kansas City Chiefs.


Le’Veon Bell — What else can be said? Bell goes off when the Steelers need him the most. If there was any question about Bell’s “rust” heading into this game, there should be zero questions after Week 6. Still upset by the run which was called back due to a B.J. Finney hold and nullified — what a run!

Antonio Brown — Just when you think Brown has made every catch known to man, he finds a new way to shock and awe Steelers fans. This time, it was a deflected pass which turned into a 51-yard touchdown reception. The best in the business, no doubt about it.

Ben Roethlisberger — His numbers were modest but Roethlisberger may have played his best game of the season against a very good defense, and ON THE ROAD. “Road Ben” turned into solid Ben as he only threw 25 passes but contributed with many crucial throws to Brown, Martavis Bryant, JuJu Smith-Schuster and company. A huge step forward for No. 7.

James Harrison — Give him a chance and he makes plays. Called on almost like a closer, it was Harrison who pressured Alex Smith on one throw and sacked him on the next. For one, I was happy just to see Harrison back on the field. But seeing him making key plays was the icing on the cake.

Vince Williams — Before leaving the game with a hip injury, Williams was—by far—having the best game of his career as a starter. Williams was second on the team with five tackles, two sacks, two tackles for losses and two quarterback hits. What a day, Vince! Hope you’re back on the field vs. the Bengals.

Sean Davis — Davis might’ve also had the best game of his NFL career on Sunday. He led the team with eight tackles, but his pass breakup on 4th-and-goal in the final frame of the game was certainly a huge game-changer which helped the Steelers pull off the upset. It was good to see Davis play up to the standard he set last year as a rookie.

Vance McDonald — Yes, McDonald only had one catch for 26 yards, but that catch was huge in helping the Steelers get out of their own end zone. Not only that but so much of what McDonald does well isn’t listed on a stat sheet. The team has been using him as a lead blocker on their counter plays, and he’s been leading the way. His stats are far from sexy, but McDonald has been doing his job.


3rd-Down Offense - There weren’t many players who I feel should be on the losers list, but the 3rd-down offense still continues to frustrate anyone watching the games. It was 4-for-11 on Sunday in Kansas City and the 3rd-down offense continues to fall below .500 on those critical downs in key situations.