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NFL Expert Picks Week 2: Who the experts are taking in Steelers vs. Vikings

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The Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings go head-to-head Sunday at Heinz Field, and it is time to see who the experts like in this inter-conference matchup.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings don’t have a huge rivalry, compared to other teams, but it doesn’t mean they haven’t had their share of memorable games. The two teams will rekindle this matchup Sunday at Heinz Field in Week 2 NFL action.

Both teams come into the contest 1-0, the Steelers beating the Cleveland Browns on the road in Week 1, and the Vikings getting the best of Drew Brees and the Saints at home on Monday Night Football.

Only one team will escape Week 2 with a 2-0 record, and it is time to check on who the NFL experts like in this interconference matchup.

Despite both team’s records coming into this Week 2 game, the experts seem to really like the Steelers. For example, the experts at CBS Sports are all-in with Pittsburgh. Every expert who submits weekly picks have the Steelers advancing to 2-0 when the dust settles at the big ketchup bottle.

At ESPN, only one expert thinks the Viking stand a chance on the road against a legitimate AFC contender like the Steelers, but if there is a website who has enough haters on it to lean heavily towards Minnesota, it would be here at SB Nation. However, of the eight experts who make picks, only three think the Vikings will win the football game and keep their record clean.

These are just three websites though, and you might be wondering about all those other websites who also provide their own predictions for games like Minnesota vs. Pittsburgh. This is where our friends at NFL Pick Watch come in. NFL Pick Watch is a website which takes all online expert picks, and compiles them into one easy-to-read chart for each game.

As of Thursday, 91-percent of experts like the Steelers to hold serve at home. A strikingly high percentage considering how the Vikings impressed in their season opener on Monday night.

Nonetheless, the experts have spoken, and they like Pittsburgh over Minnesota in this matchup. Whether the Steelers pull through is another question all together, but the experts are certainly wearing their black and gold glasses entering Week 2!