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Bud Dupree receives second opinion on shoulder injury, which could equate to his 2017 debut on Sunday

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Bud Dupree is hoping to get back on the field after receiving a second opinion on his injured shoulder.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

You thought T.J. Watt and Anthony Chickillo were good together in Week 1? Imagine what Bud Dupree and Watt will be able to do once the first round pick returns to the lineup after a shoulder injury.

Dupree, who has struggled with injuries the past two seasons, is hoping to return to the lineup for the team’s Week 2 contest against the Minnesota Vikings at Heinz Field after injuring his shoulder in practice leading up to the opening day game in Cleveland.

Fans wondered just what happened to Dupree to wind up being on the injury report, and he told the media Wednesday how it happened. It involved a collision with guard David DeCastro in practice.

“I just ran into him on a stunt,” Dupree said. “It just happened. I ran right into him. It was in the perfect spot, perfect hit.”

The injury was enough to limit him on Thursday, and have him miss practice Friday. The regression caused the Steelers to get a second opinion on the nature of his shoulder injury.

“We sent it to a second opinion,” Dupree told Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It was more than what [was originally diagnosed]. This week I’ll be able to deal with the pain.”

The response on the second opinion likely mean whatever damage done to Dupree’s shoulder cannot get any worse, but can still be very painful, hence why Dupree talks about dealing with the pain.

Nonetheless, the Steelers will want Dupree healthy for more than just one week, and if the risk of further injury could possibly prevent that from happening they could exercise extreme caution with his return and let his shoulder fully heal. For what it is worth, Dupree was listed as a limited participant on the Wednesday injury report leading up to Week 2.

Whenever Dupree does return to the lineup, he and Watt could make for one dynamic duo, one which hasn’t been seen in Pittsburgh since LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison dominated the edges in the black and gold.

It all starts with getting back on the field, and hopefully that happens Sunday at Heinz Field for Dupree.