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Steelers vs. Patriots: Knee jerk reactions after Pittsburgh got hosed

With no time to rationally think, one BTSC writer offers up his immediate thoughts from the Steelers’ matchup against the sons of the Revolution.

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

A knee jerk reaction is common for most people, especially sports fans. Of course, I like to shoot first and apologize later. In this series, I like to record my immediate emotional reaction. I have those often. I know you in Steelers Nation do too.

After we have a chance to review things, we tend to alter our mindset. While watching the Steelers and the Patriots renew acquaintances, I recorded my initial thoughts in real time with no time to reconsider them. Take these in.

As always, I welcome you to weigh in.

First Quarter

  • Shazier in the house. That just made my week.
  • Those short passes to Bell are more important than runs against this defense.
  • They need to get in the receivers faces or Brady will pick them apart.
  • Nobody sells play action like Tom Brady.
  • Brown gets something out of nothing. That's why he deserves MVP consideration.
  • JuJu is new millennium for money.
  • Eli is alive!
  • Ben makes things happen. He's far and away on a different level than in September.
  • That Heyward sack is huge. You gotta knock Brady in the mouth. Miami did it.
  • Davis shadowing Gronk is imperative.
  • JuJu looked like a giant on that pass play.

Second Quarter

  • If Martavis is fired up, everybody is fired up. That was the prettiest play of the year for him.
  • Oh no! AB is irreplaceable.
  • Boswell from 50-plus is becoming commonplace.
  • Gronk just out-muscled Davis.
  • Artie Burns with his arms up in the air. They are confused on defense.
  • Hilton made that play happen.
  • You hit Brady. He gets flustered.
  • Proof that when Martavis wants to play...he can play.
  • Pats took a knee, they are out of whack. However...nobody adjusts better at the half than Belichick.

Third Quarter

  • Great coverage on Gronk and he still catches it.
  • Burkhead is a great weapon for the Pats.losing him would be tough.
  • Is Gronk the best TE to play the game?
  • Hilton is a beautiful find.
  • These receivers are catching balls while covered.
  • Gostkowski with a missed XP? That's like seeing a unicorn watching a DVD copy of the Star Wars 1978 Christmas special.
  • Blame the hold on the PAT.
  • Bud Dupree is alive? Nice.
  • Vince Williams has 1970s tenacity.
  • I feel awesome...for now.
  • This is an inspired team. 15 minutes to go.

Fourth Quarter

  • They've got the strategy. Just need to keep converting thirds.
  • Second and 23 is where you need Brown.
  • Really needed a pass on second down.
  • Play calling has been great, but this set of downs. No.
  • Burns got lucky or did he force Cooks out.
  • No question on that PI.
  • This is advertised.
  • Oh Davis.
  • Room is right. Pass on first down. They are going to blow it.
  • I hate Gronk.
  • JuJu has the heart of a champion.
  • That was a tough one to overturn. His hand was under the ball.
  • Wow. What a loss.
  • I think this game still takes the Steelers to the Super Bowl. But that's just me.

As always, it is now time to re-watch highlights and pen my apologies. Thanks for indulging this patella ponderings.