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An illustration of the crazy coincidences of the NFL, the Patriots, and the ‘catch rule’

The Pittsburgh Steelers were on the wrong end of the ledger Sunday, but they weren’t the first team to had a call go against them while playing the Patriots.

NFL: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout the course of the 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers season, they have been called lucky more than they have been good, by outsiders. Narrowly beating teams like the Green Bay Packers, Cincinnati Bengals and Indianapolis Colts had people doubting the quality of the Steelers from top-to-bottom.

Many point to plays like the one in Kansas City which deflected off a defenders hands and into the waiting arms of Antonio Brown and claim the Steelers are “one of the luckiest teams in the NFL”.

Well, although you won’t hear this from many of the national media outlets, the New England Patriots have had their share of “luck” this year too, if we are going to call how the Steelers have moved their record to 11-3 “luck”.

The Patriots have been the recipient of three games which have been decided by strange, and often bad, officiating decisions. The “fumble” into the endzone vs. the Jets, the Brandin Cooks “catch” against the Texans and the Jesse James “incompletion”.

I’m not suggesting the Patriots have the league’s favor, although many reading this will draw their own conclusions, but when you look at the course of events throughout the season they have had their share of calls go their way.

While not all questionable calls and New England have been involving the “catch rule”, the below video just goes to show how the NFL doesn’t have a clue what a catch is anymore. It just happens to be coincidence some have involved the Patriots — or is it a coincidence?

Check out the video: