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Knee jerk reactions from the Steelers Week 11 prime time clash with the Titans

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With no time to rationally think, one BTSC writer offers up his immediate thoughts from the Steelers effort against the visitors from Music City.

Tennessee Titans v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

A knee jerk reaction is common for most people, especially Steeler fans. Of course, I like to shoot first and apologize later. In this series, I like to record my immediate emotional reaction. I have those often. I know you in Steeler Nation do too. After we have a chance to review things, we tend to alter our mindset. While watching the Steelers and the Titans, I recorded my initial thoughts in real time with no time to reconsider them. Take these in. As always, I welcome you to weigh in.

Quarter 1

  • I hate Skycam already. I might have to turn off the tv and switch to Bill and Tunch.
  • Nice first drive. Love the no huddle and really love Primetime Ben. If they stick with the no huddle, no contest.
  • The AB statue celebration....not too bad.
  • That delay of game call sucked. The Steelers defense was off the field.
  • Hargrave=hustle.
  • Artie is getting picked on.
  • I think the Mariota TD will be tough to overturn, but I don't think he got in.
  • Conner having a carry for a loss is rare.
  • Cam Heyward is the heart and soul of the defense.

Quarter 2

  • Cam's offside could be a killer.
  • Great discipline by the ST for not going after the ball on T.J. Watt's block. An over eager player could have cost a large parcel of field position.
  • They need to capitalize after the block, can't let this Titan team hang around.
  • Still hating Sky cam.
  • Tough call on Tuitt.
  • Defensive discipline is going out the window.
  • Coty Sensabaugh: Proving the "Next Man Up" theory well for 2017.
  • This game should be 21-7. But it's Team Turmoil.
  • What a nice defensive play by Hilton on Murray late in the half.
  • Clock management by Mike Tomlin...Am I on Punk'd? They can add on some points here.
  • The cardinal sin on a screen is running before you catch it? Lot's of sin on this drive.
  • Steelers got a gift on the fumble. Spot should have gone back to spot of the fumble,
  • Boswell is looking good on a windy night, but give Berry an assist on the hold.

Quarter 3

  • On second thought, maybe Sensabaugh disproved "Next Man Up" after all.
  • JuJu was money in traffic on that third-down conversion.
  • I love Collinsworth. He is a football clinic.
  • This might be the week the Steelers crack 30.
  • NBC has the score wrong. Didn't give Steelers the extra point.
  • Artie Burnt. Just got lucky.
  • That sack by Heyward was huge.
  • The offensive line is going to get a Ben killed.
  • One of the prettiest drives of the season at the end of the third.
  • The Reuben from Subway looks horrendous. Plus, they ruined Rock Around The Clock with that ad.
  • Overturning Bell's TD, but not Mariota's. Hmmmmmmm.

Quarter 4

  • Jesse James had my favorite celebration of the season. Obviously, he hasn't had time to plan an elaborate one or didn't think he'd need to.
  • As a big fan of play action, I'd like them to keep that play in their repertoire.
  • Brown's third TD was majestic.
  • No reason for Bell to still be in the game.
  • 40 anybody?
  • This was a statement win.
  • Plenty of talent on this Tennessee team.

Where BAD was right

  • Adding points on good clock management was vital.
  • Sky cam really sucks.
  • They did break 30...finally.
  • Broke 40 too.

Where BAD was wrong

  • It was a contest, because the Steelers abandoned the no huddle for a majority of the game.
  • Ben did not get killed by his offensive line.