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Pittsburgh Steelers lose out on Logan Ryan, but still have options for a veteran CB

Pittsburgh Steelers are still looking to add a veteran CB in Free Agency, but the list is dwindling when it comes to quality.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

By now you are waking up and seeing the news that although the Pittsburgh Steelers had shown interest in New England Patriots free agent cornerback Logan Ryan, Ryan signed a contract with the Tennessee Titans worth almost $10 million dollars a season.

As we have taken a look at the team’s current Salary Cap space, you can clearly see that deal was too rich for Pittsburgh’s blood. Fans are likely disappointed in the outcome of these rumors, but it isn’t as if the Steelers were simply sitting on their hands watching player after player jettison to a new team.

The Steelers are showing interest, and likely putting offers on the table, but you can’t blame free agents for taking ridiculous contracts set out in front of them when it is their turn for a pay day.

So, what’s next for the Steelers? The team has shown interest in former Chargers cornerback Brandon Flowers, and have also now been linked to Arizona Cardinals cornerback Marcus Cooper.

At this point, rumors are going to fly, and the Steelers are going to continue to try and get one of these available cornerbacks to come and help solidify the position heading into the 2017 NFL Draft, as well as the 2017 regular season.

Nonetheless, fans shouldn’t be stunned by the lack of movement with the Steelers, for obvious reasons. First, the team has more cap space than in previous years, but that doesn’t mean they have a lot of cap space. $20 million seems like a lot for Steelers fans, but when comparing to the $90 million of the Jacksonville Jaguars and $100 million of Cleveland, the Steelers have bread crumbs. Also, the team has never overpaid for a free agent. People bemoan the addition of Mike Mitchell and Ladarius Green, but neither was given a ton of guaranteed money in comparison to the contracts which were flying around Thursday on Day 1 of the new league year.

With that said, fans should understand the process by now, and they should focus on the end result — filling specific holes before the draft. Some of those holes would include trying to re-sign Lawrence Timmons, finding a versatile veteran cornerback and a running back to help solidify the depth chart behind Le’Veon Bell — we are looking at you DeAngelo Williams.

There is still work to be done, and the Steelers are just getting started. Fans just need to realize this is how they do business.