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Video Breakdown: Watch one of the Steelers’ bread-and-butter running plays unfold vs. the Chiefs

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Brian Baldinger of the NFL Network breaks down one of the Steelers’ main staples in the running game.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team capable of many exotic formations and personnel groupings, but they also can be a ridiculously simple offensive team as well. This is especially true in the running game.

If you watched closely in Week 6 vs. the Kansas City Chiefs, the Steelers would run the same counter/trap play multiple times. After all, if they can’t stop it, why stop running it?

Football is the ultimate team sport, requiring all 11 players on one side of the ball to do their job to truly be successful. These running plays are the perfect example of that, as everyone from the line to the backs must work in unison for the plays to work.

NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger loves to break down film, and he broke down one of the Steelers’ bread-and-butter running plays when the Steelers go “heavy” with an extra tackle as a tight end, a tight end on the edge, a pulling David Decastro along the line, Roosevelt Nix leading the way and Le’Veon Bell waiting for the moment to strike — which he does on this play for 13-yards.

Check out the video breakdown below: