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AFC Playoff Picture: Jaguars and Chiefs losses further distance the pack from the leaders

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The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots are sitting atop the AFC, with the rest of the conference in catch-up mode.

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

Week 12 is almost in the books for the AFC, and after the week that was, the conference is certainly up for grabs — for two teams.

Those teams would be the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, both sitting at 9-2 heading into Week 13; however, after these two teams the conference is pretty much up for grabs.

The Kansas City Chiefs and Jacksonville Jaguars both lost in Week 12, Kansas City to Buffalo and Jacksonville to Arizona, putting even more distance between the top seeds and the rest of the pack.

It’s hard to believe there’s a couple potential 6-5 teams—even the Ravens for that matter—holding the sixth spot in the playoff picture, but this is the reality of the AFC in 2017—a few really good teams plus a lot of mediocre teams. Nonetheless, while there’s still a lot of football left to be played, take a look at the current AFC Playoff Picture below, the remaining schedules for the top-6 teams, and make your predictions as to where the teams will finish when the dust settles.

AFC Playoff Picture

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-2) Remaining Games: at Bengals (5-6), vs. Ravens (5-5), vs. Patriots (9-2), at Texans (4-6), vs. Browns (0-11)
2. New England Patriots (9-2) Remaining Games: at Bills (6-5), at Dolphins (4-7), at Steelers (8-2), vs. Bills (6-5), vs. Jets (4-7)
3. Tennessee Titans (7-4) Remaining Games: vs. Texans (4-6), at Cardinals (5-6), at 49ers (1-10), vs. Rams (8-3), vs. Jaguars (7-4)
4. Kansas City Chiefs (6-5) Remaining Games: at Jets (4-7), vs. Raiders (5-6), vs. Chargers (5-6), vs. Dolphins (4-7), at Broncos (3-8)
5. Jacksonville Jaguars (7-4) Remaining Games: vs. Colts (3-8), vs. Seahawks (7-4), vs. Texans (4-6), at 49ers (1-10), at Titans (7-4)
6. Buffalo Bills (6-5) Remaining Games: vs. Patriots (9-2), vs. Colts (3-8), vs. Dolphins (4-7), at Patriots (9-2), at Dolphins (4-7)
7. Baltimore Ravens - 5-5
8. Cincinnati Bengals - 5-6
9. Los Angeles Chargers - 5-6
10. Oakland Raiders - 5-6