WalkTheMock Monday (4/3)

In a world where mocks rule the landscape and others mock the mocks that others mock, one man will forge a mock that will be adored for ages (or at least a week). Forget all the other mocks you have seen. This time, IT'S FOR REAL!

Please use this as a venue to post your mocks and get criticism (constructive?) from others. Feel free to praise my draft or poke holes in it. Every scenario is different. How will it play out for you?

Our Draft

Draft Needs: OLB, CB, ILB, QB, S, RB

No need to go into detail at this point.

Draft Wants: TE

Dynamic TE in rounds 2-4? Sounds good to me.

I will be using Walk the Mock to run my draft scenario. If you don't yet know the players, creating an account will unlock information like measurables and stats!

Round 1

1:30 - Charles Harris, EDGE, Missouri

It has been awhile since I took a pass rusher in round 1, but this pick has a high probability of playing out. Harris is exactly what the Steelers are looking for on the outside, someone who can get the QB on the ground. He has a good pass rushing repertoire and can bend the corner. He needs to improve against the run, but can be coached up in that area.

Round 2

2:30 - Evan Engram, TE, Ole Miss

This would be a dream scenario for me, to have grabbed a top pass rusher in round 1 and then add a dynamic TE in the 2nd. He isn't as big as some of the other TE prospects in this draft, but is still 6'3" and 234 lbs. That 'big receiver' also blasted a 4.4 forty at the combine. Someone with those measurables would be a handful for a corner. Now imagine him facing linebackers. Can anyone say mismatch?

Round 3

3:30 - Damontae Kazee, CB, San Diego St.

Kazee has excellent ball skills (15 int over the last 2 years) and will be relegated to slot duties. The recent signing of Coty Sensabaugh smells of an insurance/depth move and Golson doesn't figure into my plans since he has yet to play a single snap. Kazee also fits into the team's current zone scheme.

3:41 - Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami

Kaaya needs time to grow as a passer and the time could be now to groom a QB behind Roethlisberger. Whether Kaaya is that guy, I'm not sure. He did play in a pro-style offense at Miami, but he really needs to improve his decision making. He is at his best in a quick pass offense, which Todd Haley doesn't mind adapting to.

Round 4

4:28 - Tyler Orlosky, C, West Virginia

Cody Wallace is currently a free agent, which means this team could use a backup to Pouncey, who hasn't exactly been durable. Orlosky has good hands and a mean streak. Not a sexy pick, but a secondary need that most people have overlooked.

Rounds 5, 6, 7

5:29 - Lorenzo Jerome, S, Saint Francis

6:29 - Matt Milano, LB, Boston College

7:32 - Christopher Carson, RB, Oklahoma St.

*Gulp* Running backs Kareem Hunt and James Conner went just a few picks before mine. At this point I'll stick with Knile Davis as the backup over a late round guy who couldn't be a 3 down back. Instead I'll go with the instinctive local Safety, Lorenzo Jerome. He is a little undersized, but he is fearless and will take away the ball. Matt Milano is a hard hitting linebacker who will be solid on special teams and can a potential backup after given time to bulk up.

I know I said I wouldn't go RB this late, but Carson could make some noise as a short yardage option who can break tackles. Plus he didn't put the ball on the ground one single time in college. At the very least, you can depend on him to not give the ball away *Cough Toussaint Cough*


Pick Player Pos College
 1:30   Charles Harris   EDGE   Missouri 
 2:30   Evan Engram   TE   Mississippi 
 3:30   Damontae Kazee   CB   San Diego St. 
 3:41   Brad Kaaya   QB   Miami 
 4:28   Tyler Orlosky   C   West Virginia 
 5:29   Lorenzo Jerome   S   Saint Francis 
 6:29   Matt Milano   LB   Boston College 
 7:30   Christopher Carson   RB   Oklahoma St. 

Your turn

Okay, poke and prod Robo-GM's picks, but when you are done, you put your GM hat on. See what choices you might have to face. It isn't as easy as it looks when it comes right down to it. I wish you luck. Post your Walk the Mock results below!

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