looking for an opinion

Hey guys,

Like many of you, i enjoy drafting and pretending to be a GM, and this time i came up with a mock that looks pretty damn good to my eyes. With that being said, i wanted to know your opinion on it.

1) TJ Watt - Love his work ethic and character. Give him 1 year behing Deebo and he could be great.

2) Sidney Jones - 1st round quality corner. A tore ACL at the combine, alongisde his average numbers at the event, might cause him to fall. If he gets to 60 we shouldnt pass on him.

3) Cameron Sutton - Similar to Watt, this guy has a team-first attitude, and is great at coverage. Also excelled at punt returns, which we desperately need if we want Brown healthy for the playoffs.

3B) Adam Shaheen - Slightly unrealistic. I dont know much about this guy, and i dont think he falls this far, but boy would this be a great pick up.

4) Tedric Thompson - Great cover Free Safety with exceptional athleticism. Would be an awesome fit next to Sean Davis and the apparent heir to Mitchell.

5) Didnt find a player i really like. Will let you guys decide on this one.

6) Chad Kelly - Just great value here. I see him as a 3rd round talent who will fall due to character and injury concerns. Could be this years Prescott, but that is probably too much to say.

7) Once again, didnt find good value. Will leave this one to you as well

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