What if The Steelers drafted true BPA

Contrary to popular belief, very few NFL teams have a true Best Player Available approach to the draft. Many fans like to say the steelers are a best player available team but in reality theyre more of a best player available at a position of need kind of team (like most). What if The Steelers actually did draft purely based on whos next on their board? What if they didnt draft with any type of need or priority in mind? No emphasis on particular positions? In this case i will use fanspeak's draft simulator and pretend their draft board is kevin colbert's.

1. Obi Melifonwu S UCONN

2. Jared Davis LB Florida

3. Jake Butt TE Michigan

3. Trey Hendrickson EDGE Florida Atlantic

4. Ethan Pocic C LSU

5. Mack Hollins WR North Carolina

6. Aaron Jones RB UTEP

7. Josh Topou DL Colorado

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