The Long Road Back - Exclusive Interview with Former Steelers Tight End Weslye Saunders

One may say that the true test of a person's character is how they are able to battle through adversity. This definitely can be said for former Pittsburgh Steelers and current free agent Tight End Weslye Saunders. When we last saw Saunders in the NFL, he was playing with the Indianapolis Colts, whom eventually waived him before the end of the 2014 season. Saunders last played in the NFL in 2014.

Most players in his circumstance would have already moved on to a different profession; Saunders on the other hand chose to do the very opposite. Since he was waived, Saunders has committed himself to a daily workout regiment, and has kept himself in peak physical condition in hopes of getting that next opportunity to play in the NFL.

Back on February 4th, 2017, I had the opportunity to get in touch with Weslye Saunders. I wanted to know what makes a guy work as hard as he does on a daily basis, despite not playing a single down in the NFL since 2014. You can see the exclusive BTSC article below:

  • What is commendable about you Weslye is despite the fact that you have not played since 2014, you continue to stay motivated. It's evident that you take your training seriously and you have been consistent with it. Most players in your position would likely have given up their dream and considered. How do you continue to stay motivated on a daily basis?
  • Saunders: I stay motivated because every time I'm about to call it quits, something happens to give me new life! Whether it's a random call from a coach, or interest from a team. And plus I feel great!!
  • You look to be in great shape, can you give us an idea of your training regiment?
  • Saunders: It consists of a lot of random exercises. Yoga, beach running, field work, etc. the hardest part is eating healthy! I was vegan for 2016 but now I'll only eat fish.
  • That's a serious workout regiment. It's clear that you're taking your comeback seriously. If I were to ask you, what attributes do you posses that would make you an ideal Tight End for any team, what would say they are?
  • Saunders: I would say that I have developed into a complete tight end. Meaning, my knowledge of the game has finally caught up to my physical attributes; dominant at the run point, precise route runner, strong hands, speed, etc. I don't want there to be any deficiencies in my game when teams bring me in to work out for them.
  • If the opportunity presented itself, would you be satisfied with a backup role, or do you feel that you're ready to start on any team?
  • Saunders: I know I'm ready to start on any team! But I also know how this business works. You do your job until the opportunity presents itself...then you take over. So a backup role and special teams is something I'm not opposed to.
  • Excellent. Thank you Weslye for your time, I'm going to relay this to the people Behind the Steel Curtain. Keep training hard because even if it's not the Steelers, the NFL needs Tight Ends and I believe this will be your year.
  • Saunders: Thank you!! I'll definitely remember this convo when that time comes haha Take it easy man and thanks again!

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