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The 2017 State of BTSC Address

BTSC ushers in a new football season with a preview of what to expect for the upcoming season.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Year 3.

It is hard to believe, but this is my third year at the helm of this fine Pittsburgh Steelers establishment. It seems like just yesterday when I was asked to take over the website just before the team took Bud Dupree in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

Nonetheless, here we are, and although some still complain about how things once were, I am proud of the stamp I have put on the website. With that all being said, now is the time for me to outline what our readers can expect from me, the staff, and the product for the rest of the 2017 season.

To be honest, not much will change from a content perspective. We have less writers than we did last year, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This year, and this started this offseason, will be focused on more quality over quantity. I will still aim to get you 5 fresh articles, at a minimum, during the regular season, but not by turning the site into TMZ, or by putting sub-par articles on the website.

I spoke too soon in regards to content for the website, in a way. As a staff, and after listening to readers in one of my monthly question and answer segments, I have decided to scale back the Fantasy Football coverage here at the site. Although some articles brought in a crazy amount of traffic, we don’t have the staff, or the interest from our core readers, to keep this up for the long-term. You can still expect a “who you should start from the Steelers roster vs. their weekly opponent” article, but that may be the extent of the coverage, and I am at peace with this decision.

I am proud to say we will continue our podcast lineup, in a way, from last year. “The Standard is the Standard” hosted by Lance Williams and myself will continue on Wednesday nights, Fact or Fiction will continue on a scheduled day and time, Bryan Davis will be taking over the Steelers Hangover, and after popular demand will be the day of the game, just at a set time regardless of when the Steelers play. Lastly, the NFL round up podcast will also return whenever those gentlemen can all get together to talk about all things NFL.

New to the podcast format will be more shorter podcasts from yours truly, and possibly others, which can pertain to a specific article topic, mailbags or even commentary in audio form. All to bolster our iTunes and BlogTalkRadio podcast library.

Video will also be a strong force in 2017. Facebook Live, and Periscope, will be used on multiple occasions, but mainly once during the week, and after every game. This is a great way for BTSC to continue to grow it’s community away from the main page. There will continue to be other videos on various social media pages, but rarely will they grace the main pages of BTSC.

Other than that, the train continues to move for BTSC, and what I am the most excited about is the comfort level I have developed with not only the website, but also with those who are writing for this site. Each writer has their strengths, and weaknesses, and it is my job to put them in the best position to succeed, like a coach. Film Rooms will continue, as well the commentary, features and breaking news which makes BTSC your one-stop-shop for all your Steelers news.

Every year I have been in charge of this website, the Steelers have made it one step closer to the Super Bowl. It is time to make that final step, and to bring home the team’s 7th Lombardi trophy!

I want to thank all loyal readers who come to the site daily and comment, and if you are new to this fine community, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and get in on the fun! Come be a fan with won’t regret it!

Here we go!