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Mock Draft 2018: The Steelers address the safety position in Round 1

A scenario where the Pittsburgh Steelers could address the safety position in Round 1.

CFP National Championship Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The future of Mike Mitchell with the Pittsburgh Steelers hangs in the balance, and with a hefty salary cap number next year the chance he returns has decreased tremendously. This is one of the main reasons experts everywhere have safety as one of the top two positions of need for Pittsburgh heading into the offseason, and the 2018 NFL Draft.

Here at SB Nation, their latest mock draft has the Steelers taking a safety with the 28th overall pick in the selection process. Their pick? Ronnie Harrison from the Alabama Crimson Tide.

See what SB Nation had to say about the pick:

28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama

Pittsburgh’s defense needs some help. Following the unfortunate injury to Ryan Shazier, Pittsburgh’s defense clearly lacked speed and a player who can cover bigger targets. Harrison is capable of doing that and coming up and stopping the run.

The needs described below the selection are straight truth. Without Shazier, and the team can’t plan on having No. 50’s services in the near future, they lack the dynamic playmaker on the defensive side of the football which transforms the unit from mediocre to above average.

Harrison could certainly fit the bill, but he might not fit the Steelers’ defense. If the team does part ways with free safety Mike Mitchell, they would be picking up a player who is more suited for the strong safety position — the position Sean Davis has occupied the past two years.

So, if the Steelers were to pull the trigger and take Harrison, or a player like him, in the NFL Draft it would mean the team is going to make some adjustments. Either a rookie like Harrison learns to play in space and coverage more, or Sean Davis flips over to the other safety position.

Either way, almost all of this hinges on the Steelers parting ways with Mitchell this offseason. If that doesn’t happen, I don’t see them taking a safety in the opening round of the NFL Draft.

What do you think about taking a safety in the first round? What do you think about Harrison as a prospect? Let us know in the comment section below!