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Would you pull the trigger on drafting Baker Mayfield?

If Baker Mayfield somehow slipped to the Pittsburgh Steelers at pick No. 28, would you draft him?

Every year it happens. A player is expected to be selected in the Top 10 of the NFL Draft, but falls like a rock down the draft board.

There is almost always a reason why. For some players it may be leaked information about drug use, hello Leramy Tunsil, or an injury which has teams concerned. It could be any number of reasons why a player’s draft stock plummets, but it always happens.

You have those awkward moments behind the scenes at the draft, like Brady Quinn and Aaron Rodgers, where they waited and waited for their name to be called, eventually leaving them sitting there almost alone stunned at what is happening.

Nonetheless, as the 2018 NFL Draft approaches, there might not be a more polarizing player than Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Baker Mayfield. Mayfield is a very good college player, doesn’t lack in the confidence department and has certainly rubbed many people wrong along the way.

Will his success in college translate to success in the NFL? Only time will tell, but nothing is certain.

He is projected to be an early first round draft pick, and is compared to none other than Doug Flutie at this stage of the game.

Check out this review, per his NFL Draft Profile:

Spread quarterbacks have had limited success as have small quarterbacks. Mayfield falls into both categories and has to prove he can transcend those perceived deficiencies on the next level. Having complete command of the Oklahoma offense isn’t an automatic precursor for NFL success, but Mayfield’s ability to process, extend plays and throw with accuracy give him a good shot. He’ll be somewhat scheme-dependent so whoever takes him will need to be willing to build their offense around his strengths.

Want to learn more about Mayfield? Check out the awesome draft profile video above of the Sooner signal caller.

But this isn’t the point of the article. If Mayfield falls dramatically on draft day, all the way to the Steelers at No. 28, would you pull the trigger on the move? Do you trust not only Mayfield’s skill set, but view him as a potential “next” guy up?

Let us know in the comment section below, and vote in the poll below!


Would you draft Baker Mayfield if he were available at pick No. 28?

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