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After his release, there is no guarantee Lawrence Timmons will be returning to the Steelers

Most see the release of Lawrence Timmons equating in a reunion with the Steelers, but it might not be as simple as that.

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

When the following news hit the Twitter feed of Pittsburgh Steelers everywhere, they all probably thought the same thing: “Welcome back Law Dog!”

I have to admit, if Timmons is willing to take a veteran minimum deal, I wouldn’t mind having him on the team as a depth piece with valuable experience.

Do I want Timmons as a starter? No, but I would like Timmons to possibly play is specific situations, mentor a young draft pick and have a chance to end his career in the he should.

But just a few hours after Schefter’s news of Timmons’ impending release, I saw Aditi Kinkhabwala, of the NFL Network, tweet out the following which certainly caused me to pause:

“Sort some things out with Mike Tomlin”??


Maybe this stems from Timmons’ disappearance during Week 1 and leading up to Week 2 from the Dolphins last season, or maybe there was something which happened between Tomlin and Timmons as he left the team for South Beach last offseason.

What exactly went down we probably will never know, but for the man who was beloved by Tomlin as his first ever draft pick in 2007, this news seemed strange, to say the least.

Timmons could very well find his way back to the Steel City when all is said and done, but for those out there thinking it is a done deal he will be back in his usual No. 94 next season at Heinz Field might want to pump the brakes a bit.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest on this story, as well as others surrounding the black-and-gold as they move their way into free agency.