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Analyzing the Steelers’ Week 5 win over the Falcons, by the numbers

There were so many encouraging numbers from Sunday, it’s difficult to decide which ones to highlight.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports


The Steelers had a perfectly balanced run vs. pass attack against the Falcons on Sunday. There were 29 rushing attempts and 29 passing attempts. The next best run/pass ratio this season was Week 1 against the Browns with 43.8%. In Weeks 2, 3, and 4, the rushing attempts were 17.6%, 34.9%, and 18.6% of the total offense respectively.


While the percentage of rushing attempts tells the story if it was a balanced attack, percentage of rushing yards of the total yards gained by an offense tells if it was an “effectively balanced” running game. A balanced attack would be 50%, but being effectively balanced running the ball would be 33.3% of the offensive yards. For example, if a team rushes for 150 yards and passes for 300 yards, there’s a perfect ratio of balance yardage-wise between the two.

The Steelers had 130 yards rushing and 250 yards passing for a total of 381 yards against the Falcons. Breaking it down, the Steelers averaged 4.51 yards per carry and 8.62 yards per pass attempt. Coupled with a 65.5% completion percentage, the offense was effective across the board. Also remember the last of the 29 rushes lost 3 yards with a kneel-down to end the game.


The Steelers third-down conversions on Sunday might have been the highlight of the game from a statistical standpoint. With nine conversions, it was actually one more third down conversion than in the previous three games, total. An astounding 40% of the Steelers’ third-down conversions thus far on the season have come against the Falcons.

To break down the Steelers’ third-down conversions even more, they were a perfect 5/5 in the first quarter. During the second quarter when the Steelers failed to score, it could be attributed to going 0/2 on third down on their two drives. The third quarter brought another perfect 2/2, while the Steelers finished up the final quarter going 2/3 on third down. The only time in the second half when the Steelers didn’t convert on third down was with just over four minutes left in the game when they held a 17-point lead.


Not only did the Steelers manage six sacks against the Falcons, their OL didn’t surrender any. Both the offensive and defensive lines received game balls from Coach Tomlin on Sunday. With a 6-sack advantage, those game balls were well deserved.


This was the time elapsed in the game before Julio Jones recorded his first catch. Joe Haden followed Jones wherever he lined up and shut him down. It wasn’t until the score was 27-10 when Jones finally ended up with a reception.

47.7 yards

Jordan Berry needs a quick shout-out for a great day of punting. An average of 47.7 yards with two punts inside the 20, one of which was downed at the two yard line, made for a nice performance.

Are there any other numbers from Sunday’s win that stand out to you? Feel free to share any in the comments below.