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Report: NFL to investigate plays where Vontaze Burfict tried to injure members of the Steelers

Mr. Burfict might be hearing from the league office for his antics vs. the Steelers.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers, and their fans, know all about Vontaze Burfict’s antics. They have seen it on display on more than one occasion.

No, it isn’t always the brutal hit to Le’Veon Bell, or Baltimore Ravens tight end Maxx Williams, but the plays which often go unnoticed. Stepping on players when getting out of a pile, twisting ankles and showing intent to injure.

After a very questionable hit to the head of Antonio Brown during the Week 6 showdown at Paul Brown Stadium, the NFL is reportedly going to look into three separate plays where Burfict showed an intent to injure members of the Steelers.

This from ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

The biggest play in question is by far the hit he made on Antonio Brown which saw an official force Brown to leave the field to be assessed by medical personnel. As you can see, Brown is being held up, completely defenseless, and Burfict comes in for the knock out blow with his forearm.

Take a look at the play for yourself:

From the opposite angle:

While the NFL does their due diligence on the play, members of the Steelers sounded off on Burfict as a player, and their thoughts on his style of play.

This from right tackle Marcus Gilbert:

So, what is your opinion on the situation? Were the hits in the Steelers’ 28-21 suspension worthy, or just something which will be fined? The one aspect of the situation which is difficult to weigh is how Burfict is a repeat offender. This isn’t his first run-in with the league office for his style of play on the field. With that said, what might be deemed a fine for some, might mean a suspension for Burfict.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news on this situation, and others, surrounding the Steelers as they head into their Week 7 bye week.