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Steelers are now 20/1 odds to win Super Bowl LIII

We take a look Pittsburgh’s updated odds for the 2018 season after the first six games of the year.

Super Bowl XLIII Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

With the Pittsburgh Steelers on a bye-week, rather than save the money we might have wagered on their weekly matchup, we thought we would see what futures bets are currently available worth taking our money instead this week. Given the Steelers’ slow start to the season, there has been considerable movement to some of their preseason prices, and those remaining confident in Pittsburgh chances in 2018 will find some standout odds available if they are looking to put their money where their mouth is.

Once third favorites to win Super Bowl LIII before the year began at around 10/1, the Steelers can be backed at a best price of 20/1 with most sportsbooks at the time of writing. Odds that now make them eighth favorites to lift the Lombardi Trophy. The Los Angeles Rams are the current favorites at around 3/1, with New England Patriots (6/1) and Kansas City Chiefs (7/1) rounding out the top three spots.

Pittsburgh is no longer favorite to win the AFC North, with that honor now belonging to the Baltimore Ravens at +135 and the Steelers price has dropped significantly from an opening day offering of -330 to +185 as of Friday. Second favorites to win the AFC at the start of the year, only the Chiefs have leap frogged them so far and the Steelers are showing a best price of 9/1 to represent their conference in the Super Bowl and a marked dropped from the 9/2 odds they had six weeks ago. Bovada are now offering near even money odds on Pittsburgh to make the playoffs at 10/11 (-110).

With Ben Roethlisberger currently leading the league in passing yards, those of you who believe he could be poised to win his first league MVP might be interested in odds of 50/1 that are now available. If you think Antonio Brown is going to improve dramatically on his numbers through the first six games, a price of 125/1 to lift the MVP trophy is a vast improvement on the 40/1 odds he had before the season began.

Those looking for some more creative prop bets might be interested in an offering from If you think Le’Veon Bell could be back in action sooner than expected, you might like their “What will happen first bet” with Bell getting 1 yard rushing (+180) up against the Rams losing their first game (-270). Personally though, I might be tempted to go with Los Angeles on this one, unless they plan on going undefeated, and even then, the bet ends in a tie.