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Mike Tomlin remains focused, refusing to allow Steelers to even talk “hypotheticals”

Le’Veon Bell’s return? A trade for Patrick Peterson? Mike Tomlin wasn’t having any of that.

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The talk of almost the entire NFL landscape is about trades. With Amari Cooper most recently getting dealt from the Oakland Raiders to the Dallas Cowboys for a first round draft pick, fans of every team who feel they are ‘one player away’ are considering who might be worth nabbing before the October 30th NFL trade deadline.

For the Pittsburgh Steelers, the fan base has become enamored with a potential trade with the Arizona Cardinals which would send All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson to the Steel City.

With Cooper requiring a first round draft pick, it would be a king’s ransom to acquire Peterson from the Cardinals. But if a team feels he could be the missing piece to the team’s puzzle, would it be worth it if he puts you over the top?

Mike Tomlin was asked a question about the acquisition of Peterson in his weekly press conference Tuesday, and the coach shot down the question faster than Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun.

This was what Tomlin had to say, courtesy of Jeremy Fowler of ESPN:

Say what you want about Mike Tomlin as a head coach, but the man sure knows how to run a press conference. After not discussing the possibility, or even the thought, of acquiring Peterson, he takes his answer about not spending time on ‘hypotheticals’ and turns it into an immediate response to any writers who had questions about Le’Veon Bell on their note pads.

Talk about painting with a broad brush.

The fact remains, even if the Steelers organization was interested in Peterson, Mike Tomlin wouldn’t be standing at a podium announcing it to the world. Would it be safe to assume the Steelers may have put in a call to Arizona regarding the asking price? Sure, but you could probably include at least 10 other teams who would have done the same thing.

Fans shouldn’t try to compare this situation to the acquisition to Joe Haden, considering the Browns wanted to dump his salary, and after clearing waivers became a free agent. Would you be willing to pay a high price for the likes of Patrick Peterson? Let us know in the comment section below.

To see the entire Mike Tomlin press conference, check the video below: