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Getting an inside look at the Steelers’ operations during the bye week

Coach Tomlin began his weekly press conference by outlining what the team hoped to accomplish on their week off.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

“The bye week is an opportunity for us to get a couple significant things done.”

Mike Tomlin addressed the media on Tuesday and began by sharing some of the things the team worked on over the bye. As expected, the team used the extra week to look at some overall game-planning as they move forward.

“We spent some time focusing on us. What we’re doing schematically.”

Within those schemes, Coach Tomlin also addressed the issue of personnel.

“We also spent some time looking at division of labor. Roles. What we’ve asked people to do. The analysis of those things with an eye towards how we move forward.”

Coach Tomlin went on to say the Steelers also spent time addressing issues beyond their own locker room.

“We spent some time looking at things that are trending in football. Things that are going on outside of us that we’re very much a part of. Trends in the game. How the game is being played. How the game is being played out globally.”

Of course, Tomlin turned the focus of their preparation to the immediate future.

“Lastly, we spent some time updating and preparing ourselves for the Cleveland Browns – our next opponent.”

It remains to be seen if the extra preparation will pay off for the Steelers as they move forward. The Steelers were on a two-game win streak before having the additional week to regroup and get healthy. Coach Tomlin seems to be confident in managing their extra time to maximize future success this season.

“I feel comfortable with what we were able to get done. Obviously, you measure it by how you’re able to utilize that time and information for our good as we move forward.”