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Report: Steelers are not “players” in the trade sweepstakes for Patrick Peterson

For fans who may have had their hopes of a big-time trade, this news will be disappointing.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Dallas Cowboys Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

There is a large contingent of Pittsburgh Steelers fans who want their favorite team to pull off a blockbuster trade for Arizona Cardinals All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson. Doesn’t matter the cost — pull the trigger on the deal.

However, for those who are staunch supporters of such a move, the most recent news coming out of the Peterson camp doesn’t suggest the Steelers are legitimate contenders for Peterson’s services.

This per Jeremy Fowler of ESPN:

Spoke to former Steelers corner Bryant McFadden, who is cousins with Patrick Peterson and is updated on his trade request. He says the Steelers are not players for a Peterson trade as of now.

Believe it or not, McFadden is a reliable source and has broken news in the past, but the fact the Steelers aren’t in the mix for Peterson shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone with a solid head on their shoulders.

While there might have been a window of opportunity at one time, the Dallas Cowboys sending a first round draft pick to the Oakland Raiders for wide receiver Amari Cooper immediately drove up the price for other potential trades around the league. Cooper is a wide receiver on the decline, currently, and Peterson is at the top of his game. It would take more than a first round pick for his services, and likely other picks, or players, to seal the deal.

The Cardinals say they aren’t going to shop Peterson, but Peterson has been very vocal about him not wanting to be a part of a rebuilding plan, and wants to join a winner. The Steelers would fit the bill, but it isn’t likely the team is going to part with a top draft pick for any player.

Stay tuned to BTSC for the latest news and notes surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers as they prepare for the Cleveland Browns in Week 8.