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Flashing back to when Joey Porter beat up some Browns before a game

Going back to when Joey Porter took on several Browns at midfield before the game, which opened the door for James Harrison and created a new rule.

Joey Porter during a game Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

There are specific moments I will never forget as a youth. Troy Polamalu’s incredible style of play, winning two Super Bowls, but Joey Porter has a very special part in my heart and memory for his time in Pittsburgh.

Porter created a lot of memories with crazy moments. Going on the Baltimore Ravens’ bus wanting to get a piece of Ray Lewis, calling the Indianapolis Colts soft during the 2005 playoffs, but his antics before a game are right up there.

Who can forget Porter walking around, with his jersey pulled up to show off his abs, jawing at the opposition. However, in 2004 when the Steelers made the trek to Cleveland, William Green wasn’t about to hear any of Porter’s trash talk.

Needless to say, after Green accused Porter of spitting on him, fists were thrown.

Check it out...

What happened after was both Green and Porter were ejected from the game. This opened the door for James Harrison to show what he was made of, and before you knew it Porter was wearing a Miami Dolphins uniform and Harrison was becoming a Defensive Player of the Year.

It also ignited a new rule dubbed the Joey Porter rule where teams have a 10-yard buffer on either side of the 50-yard line where they must remain out of.

No one saw Harrison stepping in so well for Porter, but no one who was around for this game will ever forget turning on their TV to hear of Porter’s ejection and what transpired in the coming years.