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Browns finally fire both Hue Jackson and Todd Haley after loss to Steelers

The Cleveland Browns parted ways with their head coach on Monday, a move that is about two years overdue.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers not only beat the Cleveland Browns on the scoreboard on Sunday, they also cost two men their jobs in the process.

An utterly pathetic record of 3-36-1 should have earned Hue Jackson his marching orders long before the 2018 season, but the Browns management somehow believed the man who had gone winless in 2017 deserved another chance to prove he wasn't arguably one of the worst head coaches in the history of modern football. Seven games into another dire season, ownership has finally got the message that Jackson is not the right man to the lead any NFL team.

Losing to the Steelers has become something of a career killer for Cleveland coaches as of late, with Jackson just the latest in a long line of Browns’ staff members to be fired in the wake of another defeat at the hands of Pittsburgh.

While Browns fans are likely overjoyed by the news, Pittsburgh fans should be sad to see the back of a man who has gifted the Steelers so many wins with his inept play calling and questionable personnel decisions. Steelers Nation can only hope that the next head coach Cleveland employs is even half as bad.

Haley might feel somewhat hard done by to have been fired just seven games into his tenure with Cleveland, but as Pittsburgh players might contest, he is not always the easiest man to get along with.

The Browns have named Greg Williams as interim head coach, poisoned chalice that it is.