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Steelers fans’ confidence in the team hits an all-time low for the season

Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans aren’t very confident in their favorite NFL team heading into Week 5.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are a team in flux. Starting the season with a 1-2-1 record, it is safe to say fans of the black-and-gold are more than ticked off with the direction, and confidence in, the team.

Thanks to the SB Nation FanPulse, we have been tracking the fan base’s confidence in the team, and it has been a downward decline since the team’s Week 1 contest in Cleveland vs. the Browns.

Check out the exact results:

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You have to imagine what this poll might show if the Steelers lose to the Atlanta Falcons in Week 5, but on the flip side, you have to wonder what this graph will show if the Steelers are able to beat the Falcons. Pair that up with a win over the Bengals in Week 6, this chart could sky-rocket as the team heads into their Week 7 bye week.

Confidence might be at a low for the season, but with plenty of the schedule remaining this chart could start to make an upward trend before too long.

Where do you see the Steelers going from here? Onward and upward? Or continuing down into the cellar?