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Steelers vs. Falcons, Week 5: 3rd quarter in-game update

The Pittsburgh Steelers are back, and we keep you up to date with those who aren’t able to watch the game live.

Atlanta Falcons v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

1st Quarter In-Game Update

2nd Quarter In-Game Update

After halftime, and an Atlanta punt to start the third quarter, Pittsburgh took the ball and wasted little time adding to their lead. Led by Conner, Roethlisberger threw a bullet to Antonio Brown for the touchdown, and to extend the lead 20-10.

Atlanta’s ensuing drive resulted in another three-and-out, but on the punt Roosevelt Nix knifed through the line of scrimmage to get his hand on the football for the block. The play gave the Steelers the football already in the red-zone.

Two plays later it was James Conner who followed Roosevelt Nix’s blocking and hit pay dirt for the second time of the day, and extending the Steelers’ lead 27-10.

The Falcons have the ball, and are driving, to end the 3rd quarter.