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NFL Power Rankings, Week 6: Steelers climb, but still outside the Top 10 looking in

The Pittsburgh Steelers were a unanimous Top 5 team heading into the regular season, but not anymore. These days, they’re just trying to stay near the Top 10.

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NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

The only consistent aspect of the Pittsburgh Steelers are their inconsistencies.

After an opening week tie with the Cleveland Browns, followed by a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Steelers had shown it all — amazing offense, head-scratching play calling and shoddy defense, among others.

Needless to say, the Steelers experienced a precipitous drop in the weekly NFL Power Rankings because of their poor play which resulted in a 0-1-1 record heading into Week 3. However, a 30-27 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football had the Steelers on the rise. After their 26-14 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday Night Football, the Pittsburgh roller coaster is again on the decline.

Have no fear Steelers fans, a dominant performance on Sunday vs. the Atlanta Falcons in Week 5 has the team moving back up the rankings.

Inconsistent is the theme here with this team.

In reality, these rankings mean nothing, but they’re great for conversation and debate. This week, the Steelers saw themselves claw their way back near the Top 10, but still on the outside looking in.

With a Week 6 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals looming, the Steelers will be looking for their first back-to-back wins of the season and they need to put up a good performance if they aim to resurrect their rankings status.

Check out the rankings, and let us know what you think in the comment section below!


1. Los Angeles Rams
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. New England Patritos
4. New Orleans Saints
5. Jacksonville Jaguars
6. Cincinnati Bengals
7. Chicago Bears
8. Carolina Panthers
9. Philadelphia Eagles
10. Baltimore Ravens
12. Pittsburgh Steelers
“Rest-of-season SOS ranking: 4th. The Steelers’ toughest remaining game is Week 9 at the Ravens, where they have a 38 percent chance to win, according to FPI. The Steelers lost by 12 points to the Ravens in Week 4 this season, and have been swept in the season series three times by Baltimore, most recently in 2015.”

USA Today

1. Los Angeles Rams
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. New Orleans Saints
4. New England Patriots
5. Los Angeles Chargers
6. Carolina Panthers
7. Cincinnati Bengals
8. Jacksonville Jaguars
9. Chicago Bears
10. Baltimore Ravens
11. Pittsburgh Steelers
“Through five games last season, Le’Veon Bell had 515 yards from scrimmage. Through five games this year, James Conner has 581.”

SB Nation

1. Los Angeles Rams
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. New Orleans Saints
4. Cincinnati Bengals
5. Carolina Panthers
6. New England Patriots
7. Jacksonville Jaguars
8. Chicago Bears
9. Baltimore Ravens
10. Minnesota Vikings
16. Pittsburgh Steelers

NBC Sports

1. Los Angeles Rams
2. Kansas City Chiefs
3. New England Patriots
4. Jacksonville Jaguars
5. New Orleans Saints
6. Cincinnati Bengals
7. Tennessee Titans
8. Green Bay Packers
9. Philadelphia Eagles
10. Chicago Bears
18. Pittsburgh Steelers
“A 41-17 win always helps people relax. Their next 3 are all against AFC North foes, so we’ll know a lot more about that division in a month.”